From the Goodlin Contest Chair

Welcome to a new year of music making. One of the privileges of chairing the H. B. Goodlin Competition has been hearing the students perform at the Playathon as well as at the Goodlin Competition. There is some great teaching going on in San Diego County, and we know that the Goodlin Competition does help many music students fulfill their dreams and advance their careers. These students have gone on to thrill many listeners. We try to update you on the accomplishments of many of them on our website,, and on Facebook (Goodlin Scholarship).

I am proud of our organization, Music Teachers’ Association of California, San Diego Branch (MTACSD), in its quest to raise music standards through contests, festivals, and the Certificate of Merit, manned by an abundance of volunteers.

Thanks again to the William E. Schmidt Foundation, which has increased the first-place prize money, and to the MTAC San Diego Branch Board of Directors which has generously donated to the Foundation. A thank-you also goes to the San Diego Foundation, our financial advisor, always there to answer our questions and skillfully invest our money.

Lea Schmidt-Rogers, Goodlin Competition Chair

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