2018 Playathon Donor Acknowledgement

With the help of the teacher members of the Music Teachers Association of CA, San Diego Branch, and parents and students we bring you today’s concerts. You have helped raise over $1000 to support the Helen B. Goodlin contest in May 2018, and this year, we are able to give a higher grant to Certificate of Merit seniors. The Helen B. Goodlin Foundation is now raising money for the Kids into Music program, headed by Yuko Maruyama. It enables deserving students who otherwise could not afford lessons to study music. All four of our recipients are performing in today’s Playathon. Thanks to the San Diego Foundation for their guidance and to the MTAC for a generous donation to the Helen B. Goodlin Fund.

I wish to especially thank the following donors for their generosity.

Simone de Bruyne & Timothy Lewis, Lee Galloway, Jim Guerin, Aziz & Nathalie Gholmieh, Jing Chen Lee, William H. Lee, Yuko Maruyama, Jarl & Christine Nelson, Olga Postnikova, Lea Schmidt-Rogers, Armin & Rachel Schwartzman, Viktor Shekhtmann, Jonathan & Lielei Wahlmann, Chen Wang, William Wang, Renu Wijay, John C. Wu & Kim L. Harper, Guangming Xiao & Wei Liu, Mantian Xu and Da Yang, Feng Ye & Liang Zhao, Hui Li & Junhua Zhao

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